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        項目名稱:廣州中康臭氧設備有限公司網站建設 項目網址:www.yzko3.com 公司簡介: 廣州中康臭氧設備有限公司,位于廣東省廣州市白云區,公司技術團隊擁有12年的臭氧發生器制造及臭氧
        Dongguan Tengtuo Electronic Technology Co., Limited established in 2008, professional in SMT, DIP services! located in Dongguan City, covers an area of 2400m2. Based on ISO9000 system, we have a complete process, quality, logistics and other management system; 150 staff to be professional, responsible, efficient. Any problems in production process or customer questions can be quickly solved to keep quality sustained and stable.